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Posted on April 7, 2008


All of our coffees are roasted by Counter Culture Coffee in Durham, NC. These coffees are sourced directly by Counter Culture and are artfully prepared with care and passion from blossoming tree to fragrant cup. Our coffee is ordered weekly and is always roasted fresh and shipped to us the same day. All coffee is prepared by press pot (a.k.a. French press).  We will be adding whole bean sales to our offering in the coming week or so. This is what we’re pressing in the store this week…

Kuta – Waghi Valley, Papua New Guinea

This coffee is a champ! This coffee is filled with tones of dark honey, cherry, dark chocolate, savory steak and a lush body.

Harfusa – Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

A wonderful example of a Yirgacheffe type coffee. Typical fragrant notes of jasmine, lemon and berries waft from this cup.

Valle del Santuario – St. Ignacio, Peru

This coffee represents the culmination of a number of different farmers work in St. Ignacio, Peru. It is a part of the Valle del Santuario partnership between the farmers of this region and Counter Culture Coffee that seeks to reward quality for a higher premium. Delicate apple, dried fruit, milk chocolate and caramel linger on your palate as you sip this beautiful cup.

Stay tuned for more offerings in the coming weeks!

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