coffee update 5/27

Posted on May 27, 2008


Our roster has changed up a bit recently. We are currently featuring the following coffees.

Kaiguri Lot # 4584

$12.00/12 oz.

A staff favorite, this coffee will blow your socks off with its tangy fruitiness. According to the esteemed palates at Counter Culture Coffee this gem is loaded with notes of ” meyer lemon, raisin, chocolate, and cherry above a buttercream body.” Sounds delicious to me!

Valle del Santuario

$10.50/12 oz.

This coffee is lusciously sweet. You may find notes of marshmallow, cocoa, apple, and yummy pound cake in this one. Valle del Santuario from St. Ignacio, Peru represents some of the finest work that Counter Culture Coffee has been doing in its commitment to fair and sustainable coffee. Read more about their newly launched Direct Trade Certified program here.

Royal Idido Washed

$12.00/12 oz.

A beautiful coffee from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. You will find everything you look for in a washed Yirgacheffe coffee in this one. Notes of jasmine, citrus and honey abound in the cup all built on an ever present sweetness that will have you begging for more.

Come by and try a cup today! Take a bag of whole beans home and the cup is on us!

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