NPR talks with Peter Giuliano and Kim Bullock talks with us…

Posted on July 2, 2008


Last Saturday Peter Giuliano, the coffee buyer from Counter Culture Coffee (our roaster), spoke with the Splendid Table’s Lynn Rossetto Casper about iced coffee and his favorite method for doing this, the Japanese iced coffee method. Good thing for you this is also the way we do our iced coffee! You might even find that we are brewing a Yirgacheffee when you come in. It’s Peter’s “fave”. Check out the talk here. The coffee talk begins around minute 43. Enjoy!

We also had the pleasure of attending a sustainability event at Mugshots on Fairmont here in Philly on Monday night.  Kim Bullock from Counter Culture spoke along with two representatives from Equal Exchange about the importance of developing strong coffee producer relationships and about the great movement happening in our sector of the coffee world toward a more sustainable model for quality of life, quality of coffee and transparency.  Spruce Street Espresso was in full attendance and the enthusiasm from everyone there was impressive.  Good things are happening in the Philadelphia coffee world.  Photos will be forthcoming…

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