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Posted on December 30, 2009


Cold? Post-holiday malaise? Stop on by the shop to enjoy a cup of one of our featured French-press coffees. We’re currently brewing …


Maybe we’re a little biased on Mauritania because Betty and Faith actually helped pick this year’s crop, but this coffee’s buttery flavor, balanced brightness and sweet pastry notes make it superbly delicious and supremely drinkable. Award-winning coffee producer Aida Batlle puts the utmost care into her crops, making this direct-trade and organic coffee one of the best in the world.

FINCA NUEVA ARMENIA, Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Shade grown and organic with a crisp taste, this coffee’s full-body and floral and chocolate notes earned it a 92-point review at

Finca Nueva Armenia is also one of many direct-trade coffees our roaster Counter Culture offers. It lends itself to Counter Culture’s 2009 Holiday Blend, a vienna-melange blend that’s sure to please fans of darker roasts. We’ve got that on press, too — but just for a limited time!

LA GOLONDRINA, Popayan, Colombia

Another direct-trade and organic coffee from Latin America. While most Colombian coffees are mass-produced, roasted and marketed, Golondrina is sourced only from the best lots. Caramel flavor pops into the notes of chocolate and occasional citrus in this featured coffee.

SHAKISSO, Sidamo, Ethiopia

This light and bright hand-picked and hand-dried coffee is super fragrant and pleasantly sweet. Notes of honey, jasmine and citrus make this organic coffee a customer favorite. It tastes like no other, and that’s what makes Ethiopian coffees so special.

And on our ever-changing brew bar …


Microlots of coffee are small batches grown or processed differently, whether it be in selective picking, different varietals, shade-grown or even different soil. Because of this, they are often of higher quality and have a flavor that makes it distinctly different than its counterpart. La Golondrina’s microlot is no exception. The coffee was fermented underwater, a process that’s typical of African coffees. As a result, this coffee bursts with citrus and plum atop cocoa notes. Stop in and try it today while it lasts. Counter Culture Director of Coffee Peter Giuliano heralds it as his favorite of the year.

NDAROINI, Nyeri, Kenya

A single-lot that also earned super high marks (a 91!), this one is savory, pleasantly fruity and undeniably a quality Kenyan. It’s also direct trade!


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