Posted on August 10, 2010


Just when we thought we’d get a reprieve from July’s heat, August’s second week has brought us more days of heat indexes in the triple digits. Philadelphia’s record-hot summer has meant we’re making lots and lots of iced coffee.

And now we’ve got two more revered Latin American coffees to add to the rotation!

FINCA EL PUENTE, Marcala, Honduras

El Puente has  delicious and smooth chocolate notes to balance its purple fruit nuances. From the La Paz region, the Herrera-Caballero family has delivered a coffee with a silky body and even better floral aroma. There’s a reason it’s nicknamed The Purple Princess. Try it iced, or hot from our brew bar with the Clever Coffee Dripper.

FINCA MAURITANIA, Santa Ana, El Salvador

If Spruce Street had a house coffee, this would be it — not only because it is an outstanding, balanced cup, but also because shop owner Betty has, for the second year in a row, helped pick this year’s crop. Farm owner Aida Batlle assures her coffee is grown and cultivated with regard for the environment and quality. If a buttery body and notes of sweet pastry and roasted nuts sounds like a great cup of coffee, it is because it is. Stop in and see why this coffee is so renowned.

Betty and Aida at Finca Mauritania.

And, as per usual, these direct-trade coffees are available to take home in retail bags.

Coming soon: a fresh crop of Kenyans!

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