fall is great for new coffees

Posted on October 14, 2010


SUMATRA. photo by Peter Giuliano.

If you’re one to stop by the shop before work in the morning, you might have already realized the change of coffee in your cup. We’ve added a few to the press rotation. One of following will be “on tap” (i.e. French pressed and put into an airpot) daily until 2 p.m.

21st  de SEPTIEMBRE, Zaragoza, Mexico

This organic and direct-trade coffee is sure to please those who like a rich and full-bodied cup. Deep with notes of chocolate and ripe, red fruit, we can’t help but love the subtle spiciness of this coffee.

LOS LUCHADORES, Sonsonate, El Salvador

From Finca El Majuhual comes an heirloom Pacamara varietal. According to our roaster, Pacamara packs qualities of both pacas (sweetness) and maragojipe (fruit, savory body) varietals. That description couldn’t be more true. I tried it for the first time today and was pleased with its notes of dried fruit and a hint of spice. It’s a well-rounded cup that’s sure to win you over, too. Oh, and of course, it’s organic.

JAGONG, Aceh, Sumatra

Sumatran coffees often get a bad rep for a number of reasons, but this one is furthest from deserving of one. It has the trademark Sumatra flavor notes — heavy body, deep chocolate flavor, earthy and spicy — but it is a much more clean cup than most. Though not roasted dark, it’ll satisfy the craving for something “bold.”

All of these will be rotated as the coffee of the day as a French press or made-to-order in the Clever Coffee Dripper.

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