new brewing method

Posted on October 14, 2010


New seems to be quite the word at Spruce Street lately. Though we’ve been utilizing it for months, our brew-to-order method is new to customers who traded their hot habit for iced coffee for the sweltering summer. We’ve replaced our Beehouse pour-over cones with the Clever Coffee Dripper.

So far, the Clever has been successful, and customer feedback is even better. A full-immersion brewing system (meaning the coffee steeps in water rather than being extracted through water being “poured over”), the Clever Coffee Maker yields a cup that is rich in body like a French press. But because the coffee is filtered in paper and released through a magic valve on the bottom, the resulting cup is clean and lacks the sediment that’s almost inevitable in French-pressed coffee.

We brew all coffee to order in the afternoon with the Clever or by request at any time. Stop in and check out our brew bar selections and try a cup yourself. And, if you love the results like we do, you can take home your very own Clever from our retail shelf.

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