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Posted on November 18, 2010


Fall is a great time for a coffee drinker because so many wonderful single-origin offerings are in season during the crisp months. And now that fall has reached Philly full swing, we’ve got several newbies on the coffee menu to warm you up.


This organic blend from main coffee-growing regions (Latin America, Indonesia and Africa) not only appeases ones desire for a dark roast, but it also works well as a dessert coffee. The blend tastes quite balanced with evident notes of chocolate and spice. Try it after consuming one of our delicious pastries (particularly a Growler cupcake from Betty’s Speakeasy ( Best of all, proceeds from the sales of this coffee supports the funding of organic-soil funding for small-scale coffee farms in Popayan, Colombia.

KAGUMOINI, Nyeri, Kenya

Coffee lovers adore Kenyans. Complex, bright and singing with notes of savory fruit punch, a good Kenyan is a treat. Kagumoini is no exception. Being a single lot auction coffee, the processing of it was meticulous. It shows in flavor. Intensely bright with notes of citrus and blackcurrant, this coffee has more body than those of Kenya’s northern neighbor, Ethiopia, which is hinted at when the drinker gets a whiff of savory red fruit upon grinding. Try it today from the brew bar — these coffees never stick around for long!

FINCA KILIMANJARO, Santa Ana, El Salvador

Won’t lie — WE LOVE THIS COFFEE. Our friend, coffee farmer Aida Battle, of Finca Mauritania, outdid herself once again. Years back, Aida planted imported Kenyan coffee trees on a high-altitude plot of her farm.  Those trees — mixed with a percentage of Salvadoran trees — and the process that follows it now produce what yields an astonishing cup of coffee. Dark berry  and sweet vanilla over a silky, luscious body make this coffee one worth spending some time with. Though Aida — an advocate of relationship trade — sells Kilimanjaro to a roaster in Norway, she always saves some for Counter Culture, too. We’re so glad she has, and we feel lucky to offer it on the brew bar. When you try it, you’ll know why, too.

**UPDATE: With Counter Culture being sold out of Kilimajaro, what we have left is what we have left. GET IT TODAY!

And aside from coffee, we’ve been serving up hot cups of Kauffman’s apple cider, fresh from Lancaster County. Try it before it’s not autumn anymore!

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