Some Coffee News-Updated from Portland!

Posted on July 12, 2011


Hello All,

This is your friendly Spruce Street barista Amanda, I have made it back home to the Pacific Northwest.  I will be updating about local coffee things while I am here, in hopes to expand our horizons concerning our industry directly from its American roots.  Mind you I say roots and not epicenter, because the various regions have turned specialty coffee into a craft all their own in the subsequent years and have contributed their own ideas, personalities, coffees and energy into the brew we love.

Upon flying into Portland Oregon my first priorities was to get to Barista, a beloved cafe which is an easy walk from my favorite Portland couch to sleep on.   Sadly I instead walked up to a sooty shell with a neighboring outdoor cart.  A victim of a 4th of July fire, the owner and smiling workers are taking up post in a little cart in the courtyard of their shop while they rebuild.  Best of luck to all involved, and hope to be back to your indoor space soon!

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