Finca Mauritania!

Posted on October 12, 2011


The changing of seasons brings with us new coffees and we are excited to welcome the Finca Mauritania to our menu.  This coffee hails from the farm of Aida Batlle in Santa Ana, El Salvador.  You may recall this farm name as an Auction Lot of this coffee was used for the Grounds for Health charity this year.

Aida’s coffees are internationally renowned for their quality and her dedication to experimenting with new processing styles, taking queues from methods used around the world.  Sadly though, due to her high profile as a coffee producer she has had to take extra precautions recently to avoid theft of her coffee, which occurred last season.  This means her cost of farming isn’t just paying labor and for the land, but also for full time security on her remote farm.

Processing is the phase between the coffee cherry being picked and bagged, the milling and washing-if they are to occur, and the drying of the beans-raised beds or cement patio?  Full sun or a little shade?  These questions and their affects on the flavor of coffees have begun to be addressed significantly though the practice of direct trade which brings the producers and roasters closer than before to create the best possible product.  I will write about this more in the coming weeks.

The owner of Spruce Street Espresso Betty Ortiz, was recently home in her native country of El Salvador and was able to meet with and tour Aida’s farms.  As you can see this is naturally a coffee near and dear to our hearts.  Here is a photo of Betty, her husband Ray and Aida in El Salvador.

Most importantly what is the coffee like?  It smells like a sweet buttered pastry and though the Clever Coffee Dripper has a hint of fruit, almost like sweet raisins, you know, not the salty kind, and bittersweet chocolate to boot.  Come try a cup soon!

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