Boldly Going Forward

August 6, 2011


Frequently, customers ask me for our “boldest” blend. A certain Very Large Green Mermaid invented this term as it applies to coffee. We don’t use it. We don’t mean to act like aliens when we say we don’t know what “bold” means. It just doesn’t mean anything in this particular context. “Bold” describes a type […]

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We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby…

August 3, 2011


Recently you may have noticed the very large and different looking espresso machine we have sitting on our bar.  It is a Nuova Simonelli Aurelia on loan to us by Counter Culture Coffee while our good old La Marzocco gets it’s boiler fixed.  I have had the privilege to look inside quite a few of […]

Some Coffee News-Updated from Portland!

July 12, 2011


Hello All, This is your friendly Spruce Street barista Amanda, I have made it back home to the Pacific Northwest.  I will be updating about local coffee things while I am here, in hopes to expand our horizons concerning our industry directly from its American roots.  Mind you I say roots and not epicenter, because […]

Brew Methods

July 4, 2011

0 We love home brewing.  This link is fantastic because there are so many different ideas for the same equipment…  Try a few, maybe your new home method will be a hybrid of a few of these.

Some thoughts on Equality

June 29, 2011


Hello Coffee friends, still slurping up the new brews of the week, I will have a full report for you on them by Friday. Until then, here are some links for you to get into if you are interested. Intelli is delicious and also good members of their neighborhoods. And this article from […]

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Thursday Night Throwdown!

June 23, 2011


Come to OCF coffee on 18th and South street tonight for another collection of goofy coffee people pouring milk foam into espresso all pretty for a chance to take home the cash prize and bragging rights!  Thats right folks, the monthly latte art competition is upon us (technically we pour cappuccinos, but that doesn’t roll […]

“I’ll Have a Cup of the Guatemala Please”

June 21, 2011


I’ve been hearing this a lot lately and yes, Guatemalan coffee is an excellent choice. This is exactly why we currently have three diverse selections from this country on our menu. Furthermore we have two coffees from Finca Nueva Armenia.  Grown by Twin brothers Jorge and Javier Recinos on the farm purchased by their Great-Grandfather […]

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